The Bank of Tioga
Since 1923, TS Bank has been helping communities grow and prosper. Our sole mission is to create community prosperity in all the communities we serve and at The Bank of Tioga that is part of everyone's responsibility.

REV - Ignite Your Business
REV is a pitch competition that enables entrepreneurs and start-up business owners the chance to win up to $10,000 to better their business. The Bank of Tioga is hosting REV, where applicants will be judged on their pitch, marketing, personal investment level and exit strategy.

REV took place on November 17, 2017, beginning at The Bank of Tioga, located at 7 N. Main Street, Tioga, ND 58852.

Individuals applied and six were accepted to pitch their business. They had ten minutes to pitch their business concepts to a panel of four judges, and then the judges had ten minutes to ask questions. After all pitches were complete, the judges deliberated and decided how they would distribute the $10,000. Meet our three winners below!

With the $3,500, Hidden Beauty Salon & Spa will be looking to purchase a spray tan system.


Frandsen Landscaping will put their $3,500 prize toward insulating their shop and pouring concrete.


STEMS & SALVAGE - $3,000
With the $3,000 prize money, Stems & Salvage would like to purchase supplies for more hands-on classes and widen the inventory available for purchase.